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Happy Holiday Season

We sign off for the year 2022, but before we do, we wish to thank all of those wonderful, inspiring and creative people for their time, their efforts, their continued hard working attitude, and when needed to help us get through the tough times.....their kindness, their caring and can do attitude, their sense of humour and unwavering support.

2022 was a year that started with Covid weariness, but it ended with more great value, building together, designing with hope, achieving and believing. This was a year that saw Legacy continue to reach out to others here in New Zealand and around the globe, to make a positive difference in this world. So to the team, thankyou for everything, you're awesome, stay strong and keep being amazing!

Holiday Hours:

Closed from Friday 23rd December 2022 - Monday 16th January 2023

Goodbye to 2022.....Welcome 2023.....Merry Christmas Everyone!

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