Legacy Foundation Ltd is a company providing a platform of “Specialised” Music and Educational Programs. Legacy Foundation Ltd promotes the implementation and growth of innovative and creative concepts within the Education sector and the Music and Entertainment Industry. We focus on a broad range of services within these industries. Personalized programs are designed to inspire, nurture, develop and support our youth and young adults focusing on Youth Development Opportunities.

Realistic goals, specialized teams, one to one coaching, promotion in creative arts specific to the artist, expansion into the use of new digital technologies, artists potential highlighted, being professional, creating community building projects and positive outcomes, are seen as just some of what Legacy Foundation Ltd strives to establish and continues to be successful in. A foundation towards a “win for all” involved with Legacy Foundation Ltd is a philosophy that is important to the directors of the Company. We value the opportunity for Legacy Foundation Ltd to assist in global humanitarian projects.

Legacy Foundation Ltd has key stakeholders. Inclusive in these partnerships are projects consisting of music and video production. Ongoing new talent/new artist involved in these projects will be completing a new initiative created and collated by Legacy Music. This new initiative is an exciting collective of industry knowledge in the form of “Specialised Training” for each individual artist. This specialized program also has the interest of the industry as a whole. 

Concepts and projects are a significant part of our business, from creative to implementation, into commercial development and release. The Company aims to license these products worldwide.

Our programs strive to promote “Indigenous Awareness” at Global Level. This strong stance and interest in Indigenous Cultures comes from both Directors of the Company.

Licensing our programs, translating them into other languages, (Maori, Japanese and South Korean at this stage) is an achievable goal. Discovering and developing new talent, in particular, Indigenous talent to release with the aim of creating renowned global artists is a target for the Company.

Legacy Foundation Ltd aims to provide quality programs using the latest digital technologies, implementing these technologies, to aid the content and to develop a new Music Label/Brand and more.

Supporting Charities in New Zealand and Worldwide, by aiding and assisting these organizations promotes Legacy Foundation Ltd in its stance to establish lasting ongoing relationships that ultimately create a “Legacy”.