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Screen Remix

"You want to be on that screen."

When you have great talent to showcase all around the world, its tough knowing where to start first. So we'll start by saying Legacy Music is excited about their latest release titled Screen. The world continues to accept trending selfies and other images every day. The impact is immediate so there is no doubt that being on screen today is something that's trending, is encouraged, openly accepted and enjoyed. 


The young artist singing Screen is K'La. She's definitely interesting, talented, inspiring and much more, so with the songs message and catchy vibe, you'll soon be singing along with her to the lyrics. A young boy also makes his captivating debut in the song by taking a stand encouraging fans to touch the world in peace. It's a heartfelt plea on behalf of many. If you don't already know, Screen is here for everyone so get some K'La time, spread the word and watch her glow, enjoy. 


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