Official Music Video Release


The latest release from Legacy Music and Te Māngai Pāho is a remix with a video that highlights the classic and beautiful waiata titled “Aue Te Aroha,” composed by Moe Ruka. 

The video showcases stunning scenes that can only be found in New Zealand, Aotearoa. 
It offers the audience the chance to view the lyrics in te reo Maori and English. 

If you’re hungry for a visual feast then look no further.

This video will take you from people to places, pohutukawa trees ... to the coast line, from waves of the ocean to the majestic beauty of the kiwi bird.  

This timeless classic never dies and is sung by generations over and over again. It is engaging yet nostalgic in style with a kiwi flavour to win smiles from fans all over the world. 

So take a moment to watch, you won’t regret it. It’s new, uniquely reminiscent and showcases New Zealand, Aotearoa at its very best.  

Streaming on Spotify available on iTunes and all favorite music platforms

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