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From a young age, Caleb has been performing delighting crowds in New Zealand with his talent. He won a national competition when he was just 10 years old, which helped him to realize his passion for music. He's won multiple competitions, Parachutes Got Talent in 2010, Mount Busking Festival in 2010, The Far North Voice in 2012 to name a few. Caleb is based in the Bay of Plenty, a stunning place in the North Island of New Zealand. 

As a singer and songwriter, his talent is endless as he creates amazing songs to melt any heart, inspire so many and to change the world. His first official release with Legacy Music showcases a beautiful track, raw and rustic. It's an unplugged acoustic version of his new song "Take Me Away." There's no doubt you'll love being taken away with his lyrics. Even better, he's got a fantastic voice. 

This recording artist has a bright future ahead of him. He can be seen out and about performing live in the Bay, at various venues and events. Ladies, when you hear this man's lyrics, you'll be hooked. 

Recording Artist Caleb Cross


"I'm giving everything I can to keep that smile on your face.....cause I know you're more than worth I can give you everything that you's time to be free......dancing like there's no tomorrow.....making memories before it all ends.....I mean who doesn't feel special when someone sings words like that just for you. Hey Ed Sheeran, move over because Caleb Cross is in town! 

Caleb Cross releases his first official digital single titled "Take Me Away," available on Spotify & iTunes.

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