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Neon Harmony, the dynamic electro-pop artist with an 80's retro-futuristic vibe, is set to captivate music enthusiasts with the release of "When I Look At You," a highly anticipated track. It is exclusively available on Neon Harmony's official YouTube channel, promising a unique experience for fans of the genre.

The music and persona of Neon Harmony embody a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary electronic beats, pushing the boundaries of sound in the ever-evolving music landscape. As a Quantum Sound Generation Digital Artist, Neon Harmony brings a fresh perspective to the industry, fusing production with virtual and in-world entertainment technologies.

The debut release, "When I Look At You," is a testament to Neon Harmony's artistic prowess, delivering an immersive sonic journey crafted with precision and creativity. The music is composed by AlexiAction known for his abstract future bass, with lyrics penned by Nikoela Puna. The production, including mixing and mastering, is skillfully handled by MusicPro. 

This project is brought to you by the Legacy Foundation, introducing Neon Harmony as a Digital Artist in the ever-expanding gaming world. Neon Harmony is set to release more groundbreaking tracks under the production of virtual and in-world entertainment technologies, making a significant mark in the digital music realm.

Follow Neon Harmony on social media for updates and exclusive content:

Neon Harmony: @Neon.Harmony 

Brindee: @Brindee

Quantum Sound Generation: @QuantumSoundGeneration

Stay tuned for the futuristic sound as Neon Harmony takes the electro-pop scene by storm. Join the journey and be part of the digital revolution in music.

About Neon Harmony

Neon Harmony is a Quantum Sound Generation Digital Artist making waves in the electro-pop genre. With a distinctive 80's retro-futuristic vibe, Neon Harmony's music resonates with a sense of nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of modern electronic beats. His debut release, "When I Look At You," is now available exclusively on YouTube.

About Legacy Foundation

Legacy Foundation is committed to fostering emerging talent in the digital entertainment space. Through strategic partnerships and innovative projects, the foundation aims to support artists like Neon Harmony, who bring a fresh perspective to the interaction of music and technology.

About Quantum Sound Generation

Quantum Sound Generation is a pioneering force in the digital music landscape, merging cutting-edge technology with artistic expression. As Neon Harmony's production partners, Quantum Sound Generation is at the forefront of shaping the future of music in virtual and in-world entertainment technologies.

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