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Wish You Were Here 🎤 New Music Friday Release.....

Brindee's official new digital single release titled Wish You Were Here

This song is refreshing and uncomplicated. Anyone can sing the tune, and easily read the lyrics, but that's exactly how the song writer and collaborators wished it to be.

The words are moving and notably nostalgic, and oh that tune, it got me. As a writer, well let's just say the whole song took me back, reflecting on a time of special memories. Sure those lyrics, they are easy to read.....easy to sing but it's how they made me feel that mattered the most. I enjoyed the journey and time when I first heard the song. Brindee's voice propelled me into a warm world, reminiscent of when I was younger. I likened her voice to that of a Disney Performer, flawless with a pitch that is crystal clear. This song is very different to her more soulful, funky and gritty release titled 2, 4, 6 & 3 but each song has its special way of moving you. Brindee's voice may make you cry, but it also might put a smile on your heart, which is what it did to me. This song is my current favourite love song and I've added it to my playlist....."Wish You Were Here."

Thankyou to all contributors: Legacy Foundation Ltd / Bobby Cole Music Ltd / Executive Producers / Creatives / Music / Artist / Richie Campbell - Nikoela Puna - Bobby Cole - @Brindee @legacyfoundation

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