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Sponsored by Legacy Foundation Ltd - Released by Legacy Music distributed worldwide by DRM. 

Legacy Music is celebrating with a new release to top off NZ Music Month this year. It's a unique lyrical and free speech track titled "Shout," featuring hip hop artist Foundation Mecca AKA Founditto based in the U.S.A who is also currently working as a writer and featured artist with Universal Music and Capitol Records. 


His talent has led him to work with Grammy-nominated Producer/Engineer as well as Grammy nominee Master Producer Chaz Cardigan. He's also written songs for movie scores for films featured at the renowned Sundance Film Festival. His performance of "Shout," not to mention his impact, has already inspired other young and seasoned artists, adding to the celebration of great Kiwi releases, N.Z Producers, artists, writers and more. 


Shout reflects the frustration of being restricted during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The first lines in the track are "You can't go out, life is too frustrating, gotta stay home, temper in the making".....when all you want to do is go out. Humanity is experiencing troubled times like never before. Global events are influencing and shaping our future. We don't know what lies ahead but we hope the voice in this track and it's resounding message offers healing, is heard, is felt and is enjoyed.   

Legacy Music released "Independence and Freedom," in April as a prelude towards NZ Music Month which inspired many during lockdown for COVID-19. The track aims to help others as the world changed forever and countries around the world went into lockdown. 

Legacy Music is proud to be making a difference through their music and promoting great talent for the world to enjoy.

Spotify Shout
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