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Storm in Town

Media Release 


Legacy Music proudly releases the single "Storm in Town."  


The song features UK Artist and Producer Mr Maph in collaboration with Executive Producer Richie Campbell and Lyricist Nikoela Puna. This single is reminiscent of the Funk Soul Motown genre from the 1960s and 1970s and reminds us of those who were in their day pioneers for change.

It's significant today for those who are empowered to create change and advocate for human rights.


In this changing world, more than ever, we see the continuous call around the world for human rights to be acknowledged, requests for justice, the need for peace. 

"Storm Keepers," is a new term describing those from past to present, who have impacted and in some cases, decimated various cultures, their customs, values and way of life. The video will bring attention to the lengthy and growing call for justice. Its free speech music, a buffet of identity, culture and voices calling from around the world. There's no doubt that this song featuring Mr Maph, has a forthright message. 


Like many other great songs that highlight human rights, Legacy Music releases this single dedicating it to those who strive for equality and an improved way of life for all.

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