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Countdown to launch time.....

It's countdown to our special Mother's Day launch this week.....

It's time to think about Mother's Day so to celebrate, we're highlighting short stories this week for the release of the digital single

"Oh Mum."

I was born weighing only 3 pounds and badly premature with blonde hair and blue eyes. You would put me inside your nightie and hold me to your chest to keep me extra warm so I could safely rest. I was fed through tubes and mostly confined to an incubator. Every day Dad, my sister and my brother would arrive after school to visit us until you recovered after my birth, a little later. A few months later after growing stronger without the need for tubes and an incubator, I was allowed to finally go home.

You have always had strength and faith when times were hard, turning situations into blessings. It was hard when Dad passed away. Suddenly you were a young widow but you stayed strong for all of us. Without you, life would have been harder seeing out huge seasons of change that we have all learned from that have made us closer and so strong inside, just like you. We love you forever Mum, have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday, love always, from all of us xXx

Join us, as we celebrate all those great Mums out there and Mums to be. Access the digital single coming this week @

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