Musical Fear

The further I journey down life’s bumpy, unpredictable road, the more I’m convinced that each of us is put here to help our fellow travelers. My life in the music industry hasn’t been a typical one, but the lessons I’ve learned along the way are relevant to everyone, no matter what their walk of life, religious beliefs or upbringing. As I reflect on the pivotal turning points in my life, I see clearly that each involve the primal forces of fear and love. I don’t necessarily mean fear of the reaper or some menacing figure standing in the shadows of a dark alley. I’m talking about fear of taking chances, of striving to reach personal potential, of articulating our needs and desires. When I think of love, I don’t automatically imagine a soul mate or the classical romantic vision of the emotion. To me love is all about one human being caring for another and giving selflessly to enrich the relationship.

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